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You have visited the specific unity of information about medical tourism which is an activity of dental company "TiDental".

Even though some people may claim that the Greek national health system has many faults, it is an indisputable fact, that there are many private and public health institutes in our country with a high level of medical care and excellent medical scientists.

In this case, "TiDental" considers Greece ideal for medical tourism in matters concerning the fields of dentistry and dental works.
  • TiDental cooperates with many distinguishing Greek dentists all over the country.

  • TiDental offers you the unique possibility to combine your vacation with a medical treatment or a dental operation

  • TiDental has a knowhow of high quality in matters of dental technology, offering exquisite results in any work assigned to us.

  • TiDental enhances with its services the first acquaintance of a visitor with the Greek culture and the incomparable natural beauty of Greece.

  • With regard to dental and dental technology services, TiDental sets the grounds for a guaranteed successful result.